Videography and Storytelling to Help People Connect to Their Audience

Share Your Vision and Message With High-Quality Videos

Here at Kevin Henry Mileposts in Fredericksburg, VA, we provide videography services for a variety of businesses to showcase their products, services, and more. Whether you need to build a new brand, reach a new audience, expand your website, or even pay tribute to a dear friend, our service is the right choice for you.

How We Can Help

Kevin Henry has a wealth of experience in various areas including video, radio, and television storytelling. We can provide what we call a “Milepost,” which can range from a corporate video, video tribute, or testimonials to present your nonprofit or business.

Popular Project Styles

  • Business Profiles
  • Corporate Videos
  • Healthcare
  • Nonprofit Campaigns
  • Testimonials
  • Video Tributes

Reach Out

Give us a call and see if Kevin’s expertise is just what your project needs. You can trust that not only will we be able to meet your needs but also exceed your expectations. Call us today at (540) 842-3744 or send an email to

Video Presentations & Storytelling